Quantum Research Ltd

Is located in the beautiful town of Puerto Varas, Recruiting patients from all over the Tenth Region in Southern Chile with main Hospitals and clinics located in Chiloe, Puerto Montt and Osorno.

Is located in Santiago, recruiting patients from the biggest hospitals and private clinics in the capital of Chile.

Enroll SpA


Logistics Capabilities

24 hrs max turnaround time of your local laboratory for safety laboratory assessments

Access to dry ice for shipping frozen blood and/or tissue samples

IATA certificate to ship samples on dry ice.

More than 3,000 samples successfully shipped to Central Laboratory in USA, Argentina and Brazil

Guaranteed  24 hours lab samples shipping to  Central Lab.

Trials Equipment

12 Lead Electrocardiogram (EKG/ECG) machine

Adult Blood Pressure Cuff and Calibrated Manometer

Ambient Centrifuge

Calibrated Weight Measurement Devices (Scales)

Dedicated, Lockable -20 degrees Celsius Freezer

Dedicated, Lockable -70 degrees Celsius Freezer

Dedicated, Lockable Research Refrigerator with automated Temperature logger.

Dedicated, Lockable space for maintaining Trial kits and non refrigerated drugs

Dedicated, space for preparing infusion drugs (cytotoxic and non toxic).

Echocardiogram (ECHO)

Extra Large Adult Blood Pressure Cuff and Calibrated Manometer

Fully Equipped Emergency Trolley, Oxygen, and Defibrillator

Height Measurement Device (Stadiometer)

Holter Monitors

Dedicate Infusion Room:

Infusion Pumps

Infusion Chairs

Vital Monitoring

Infusion supplies

Patient’s Entertainment system.


Refrigerated Centrifuge




Ophthalmology equipment (required tests in many studies)

Dermatology equipment (required tests in many studies)

Local Lab

All facilities are electrically backed up in case of main electrical network failure.

Language Capabilities

All PIs are Fluent in English (both spoken and written)

70% SUB-Is Fluent in English (both spoken and written), 30% Fluent in written English

70% SCs Fluent in written English.

Both Regulatory Managers Fluent in English (both spoken and written)

Both Site Directors (Budget and CTA) Fluent in English (both spoken and written)

Regulatory Equipment

Computers room for online completion of eCRFs.

Full Compatibility with All major eCRF softwares.

Dedicated coordinator space with internet access.

Dedicated locked space for trial materials.

Dedicated monitoring space with internet access.

High speed internet with easy acces for Monitors, CRAs,

Photocopier that is accessible to the monitor, plain paper fax machine, printer and scanner.

Both Sites are identically equipped  and capable of performing the most demanding studies in 7 therapeutic Areas. They are capable of performing 12 to 15 protocol visits each day equivalent to 200 to 250 visits per month.

Every relevant aspect of the procedures performed at site have Standard Operation Procedure manuscripts that are constantly being revised to ensure constant update.  

Contact US


Dr Otto Bader 810, Puerto Varas, 5550170, Chile.

Phone: +56 652582481   Fax: +56 652582480


General del Canto 105, of 505, Providencia, Santiago, 7500588, Chile.

 Tel: +56 232238332   Fax: +56 232238334